AM Production collaborates with Annomaly Cinema to produce short film Figa.

In an alternative reality ruled by an extremist cult, a broken man finds a homeless outcast and attempts to rid her of her forbidden ways.

Shooting took place over two days, filming in multiple locations across the UK. AM Production sourced an eclectic mix of rising stars, including The Missing's, Chelsea Edge and youngest ever Emmy award winner for best actor, 13 year old, Billy Ace Barratt.

Little did we know during production, that we would all soon experience first hand what director Nicole Albarelli set out to shine a light on in this film. FIGA explores some of society's most relevant topics; loneliness, fear and control. Issues more significant now than ever before.

"When I set out to make this film, my intention was to try to metaphorically expose the hypocrisy of so many religious and governmental institutions. Little did I know that by the time I finished the film, so much of these fictional concepts would become part of our new reality.” Albarelli

Watch full film here

Nicole Albarelli & Nathan Perry Greene
Nicole Albarelli
AM Production
Andrew Rodger
Anders Bundgaard