First Bank

Each little character was made to jump off the screen. They all have their own distinctive movements, expressions and even musical instrumentation. The camera work is animated and deliberate, as if we are inhabiting the world of these dollar bill creatures. The live action shoot provides that backdrop to the story but it is the pre visualisation that determines timings and informs what we captured on the day, Nothing was left to chance, as timings, movements and actions were predetermined in pre production phase. We worked with MakeVFX, who were perfect in bringing the VFX to life.

Meet Snail

Snail is one of a kind. He may be slow, but he is wicked smart. He is the mastermind behind this escape plan...let’s just hope he doesn’t get left behind.

The Flock

Agile and skittish, the birds of this flock are not the smartest, but they sure are quick.

The Swans

Like all the others, the swans want to escape, but they tend to swan about, too elegant to rush.

The Flutter

The butterflies love a flap and flutter, but they have no sense of direction.

The Mischief

The mice are the most nimble of this the dollar note world, but in a crowd, they can be a little clumsy.

Ben Perry
Creative / Production
Jonathan Ker @ AM Production LA
First Bank